I am thrilled that our customers know they are wearing artisan, handcrafted, original designs made with love that are worthy of Hollywood celebrities and stylists.

Before I discovered my love for jewelry design, I was a work at home mother of two kids with very different unique needs, and I was struggling with depression and anxiety disorder. I started scrap booking as a way to distract my brain and have a creative outlet. That transitioned into jewelry design, and once I saw the light, I never looked back.

Even though I had no idea how to do anything, from the moment I began making jewelry, I had a knack and an instant passion for it. I dove into teaching myself everything I could about design, assemblage, and fabrication. Not only did it help me mentally and emotionally to have a creative outlet and hobby, it also seemed to be sparking interest in those around me when they saw what I was creating.

My hobby quickly grew into a very small side business when friends, coworkers, and even strangers began expressing interest in buying my pieces.  In 2011, I discovered the world of altering metal, and decided I wanted to officially go into business and signed up for my first craft show..

After I started selling my jewelry at shows, some pieces I designed were featured in a popular beading magazine, and eventually I made the cover. At this point, I decided to apply to the Artisan Group and was accepted. Through that organization, I have had my jewelry selected for television shows, gifted to celebrities, and have pieces owned by celebrities photographed on the red carpet.

The road to success is not without its speed bumps and detours. Some days it seems like I have so many different responsibilities at once. I currently do all the work in my business, from designing and making the jewelry to photography, marketing , packaging, shipping, customer service, retail at shows, pricing and tagging, delivery to shops, website maintenance and more. I also am still a mother to 2 special needs kids and a wife to a very supportive husband. Keeping balance in all these areas can be a challenge, but its one I rise to every day with clear intentions and a full heart.

Creating jewelry is my passion  and truly saved my life. Any time I have a bad day or am feeling depressed or anxious, I can dive into the studio and focus my energy in a creative way, and it always lifts me up. There is a unique happiness I feel when designing a special piece, and the joy my customers feel when they treat themselves to a special piece or a gift to their loved one is just the icing on the cake.

I take a lot of pride in making things to last and put love into everything I create. All items are designed, fabricated, and assembled by my own two hands in my in-home studio in Athens, TN, where I currently reside with my husband, 2 children, and as my oldest would say, our cute fluffy kitty named Po.